Fox family under our shed

Ok, so we have a fox family living under our shed. Mom, possibly dad and 3 kits (guessing around a month old…they run and play and jump). Anyone out there with knowledge of foxes know a way that we could get them to relocate when the kits are old enough to move along? Our back yard is completely fenced in already for our dog. There is no food source from us except maybe the mice and squirrels from our wooded lot.

We have had a fox in the area for years and have seen them crossing the roads or crossing through the back yard, but now they have set up shop in our yard about 50 feet from our house. It’s great fun to watch the kits playing at dawn and sunset, but I’d like to have a plan on how to evict them and keep them away in the future. Wild animals if captured in our state are typically destroyed, so calling in a wild life expert is probably not something I want to do. Anyone?

From the US Humane Society:

I had a fox family here last year. They moved their den twice while the kits were growing up and this year it seems they are somewhere else. Enjoy the heck out of them and be patient.

If you show yourself often, they might move sooner. But watching them grow is a treat!

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Thank you for that link. Very helpful. We already had decided to wait until the kids had grown up enough to head out with Mom. Our dog is not going out in the fenced area due to the possibility of Momma fox getting protective.

And they are fun to watch. We are getting some great pictures with a telephoto lens.

We have a family under our shed as well and have gotten some amazing video of the kits playing in our wood pile, which is right next to the shed. The video shows 7 kits and I swear I counted 8 the other evening. :eek: They are so much fun to watch.

I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to let those of you who get to watch fox babies for a while how envious I am! Many years ago on a visit to England we had just left our B&B one morning and were on a single-track road in Somerset when suddenly we came on a fox family on the road in front of us. Those kits were so cute!

Where are you located ?

So two nights ago, I was sitting on my front steps (avoiding the den since it is in the back yard) and either Mom or Dad fox went trotting by and I startled them by saying ‘hello there’.

I think that was it for them; they figured there was a predator in the area and we haven’t seen them since. Packed up and moved overnight.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Thanks for everyone’s help.


My brother raised a kit in Galway several years ago. He moved on when he got old enough. I hope the Blazers didn’t get him!! He as a handsome fellow.

My In-laws had some set up residence here in our huge burn pit. Once the kits were about grown they burned it ( yes they were all out) and they moved on. They loved watching them and the neighbor who loves taking wildlife photos got some excellent pictures. They were dog-less so that made a huge difference.

Now that we are back here and have 3 dogs we don’t see any wildlife at all and what we do see doesn’t stay long…