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Fox hunting + golf in NC + SC USA?

A bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of any cities/towns in North Carolina or South Carolina that have a hunt club and golfing in the surrounding area?

Looking for places where my bf and I could move to where we could both pursue our hobbies and we love the idea of the Carolinas.

You may start looking here, Southern Pines, NC fox hunting:


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Oh, this is great! And I know it’s a big golfing area too!

Also; https://www.classicallycarolina.com/what-do


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Yep, in NC, the Southern Pines area has what you’re looking for. Maybe the Tryon area as well.

Another vote for Southern Pines. My decidedly non-horsey boss literally waxed eloquent about Pinehurst No. 2 on a conference call earlier this year, and had several folks on the call offer to fly across the country right then to join him on the course, the golfing is good.

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I live in Southern Pines and it’s as others have stated: perfect for horses and for golf.

The Moore County Hounds is a fantastic hunt, with a good mix of members from young/old, ammie/professional and dedicated hunters/vs people who also show in other related disciplines. I’ve capped with them before and joined for the first time this year, and everyone is very friendly and welcoming.
If you do more than fox hunt, the eventing scene is fantastic, and there are some very good dressage and H/J programs in the area as well. There are also paso finos, western riders, endurance competitors, and carriage drivers, to name a few. With the diversity of disciplines, we have a wealth of good vets, farriers, bodyworkers, barn builders, clinicians, etc to choose from.

I’m not a golfer but friends who are rave about it. The US open is held her regularly, there are several public and private courses to choose from, and winters are mild to golf all year (and ride all year, even if you don’t have access to an indoor ring)

Aiken has several hunts in the area, both drag and live. IIRC one of them is rated one of the top hunts in the country.
Aiken has several golf courses and the Masters is held about 30 minutes away in Augusta.

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