Fox hunting + golf in NC + SC USA?

A bit of an odd question, but does anyone know of any cities/towns in North Carolina or South Carolina that have a hunt club and golfing in the surrounding area?

Looking for places where my bf and I could move to where we could both pursue our hobbies and we love the idea of the Carolinas.

You may start looking here, Southern Pines, NC fox hunting:

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Oh, this is great! And I know it’s a big golfing area too!


Yep, in NC, the Southern Pines area has what you’re looking for. Maybe the Tryon area as well.

Another vote for Southern Pines. My decidedly non-horsey boss literally waxed eloquent about Pinehurst No. 2 on a conference call earlier this year, and had several folks on the call offer to fly across the country right then to join him on the course, the golfing is good.

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