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Fractured Rib-Need Brace Advice

I am looking for specific instructions on how to bind my ribs or a recommendation for a binder/brace so I can ride. I have a 3 day clinic 10/27-29 and I fractured my 4th rib 5 days ago. Plan to get back on next week. Thanks in advance :bone:

I do not have any knowledge about this.

Just wanted you to know I am jingling for you and I hope that your rib heals successfully and that you get back to riding horses soon.


I used the standard rib brace they sell at drugstores. May sure you get one made for women; they have a cut out so the brace fits around your breasts.


IME, it’s going to suck no matter what. Sorry to be Debbie Downer. The pain isn’t extreme, but it’s pretty annoying.

At three weeks from the fracture, you’ll find that you can forget about the broken rib for a period of time until you move the wrong way, and then you’ll get a sharp reminder.

I would also highly recommend getting a body pillow. The worst thing for me was not being able to sleep. As soon as you move or roll over in bed, the rib will wake you up. I found sleeping on the non-injured side, wedged between walls of pillows to keep me from turning over, allowed better sleep.

PS - I considered advising you about the dangers of falling while riding with a broken rib, but clearly, we are not people who pay attention to such things.


I used a polo wrap when I fractured a couple of lower ribs. It hurt but tolerable.

The brace would probably provide more support, but I couldn’t move in it.

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I wore my xc vest. If you really need support vs. Just protection then it’s probably a bad idea to do it.

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when I broke my ribs I was advised to sleep ON the broken side

You have to be really careful wrapping or trying to protect broken ribs. You could end up puncturing a lung. It’s used to be standard practice to wrap a person with broken ribs but that has gone away. I’ve had broken ribs multiple times and have never had a brace or wrap prescribed.

Yes, I found that my protective vest, which I bought after the first time I broke ribs, was a pretty effective support after the second time I broke ribs.

You could try the Back on Track back brace…you can adjust it so it’s not too snug…just gives you gentle support.


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