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Free Chronofhorse.com WEG Photos

I know many of you are not subscribers and weren’t able to read our coverage. Just wanted to let you know that all of the Photo Galleries from the WEG are now free and online.

Go to www.chronofhorse.com and scroll down the page. On the left hand side there is a link for photo galleries. Click on that and enjoy the photos!

very generous - thanks Sara (and Robert B)

and GREAT coverage by the Chronicle of the events at the WEG

Yes, the Chronicle girls working hard during the WEG



HHHHHmmmmmmm I don’t seem to have any. She must have been working :wink:

More behind the scenes with the photographers from WEG


Charlie Mann

Thanks for those photos Charlie! I think they tell the real story of the WEG :wink: And thanks for all your support SGray. It was great to know that our hard work was appreciated!

The COTH Blog was one of the best parts of the WEG coverage! I cannot remember how many people I told about the nudist hotel…

thanks to everyone at COTH for the outstanding coverage AND the humor.

oh yeah, the nudie place – hey, I’ve got a friend that would be interested in the particulars on that


as to the Chron’s coverage – great stuff - very timely - made it feel like being there