Free Jump Xair Safe Airbag

Speaking of safety, to continue the safety discussion, has anyone seen these specific combo air / safety vests? The Free Jump Xair safe airbag?

I use a stand-alone safety vest and hit air vest, but it’s time to replace them.

Thoughts? Experience? Anyone have one?

I know in Canada you would still have to wear a BETA 3 vest under because this one doesn’t meet the safety standards to event here.

Personally based on Free Jumps history of stirrups breaking, I would be very hesitant to trust them with my personal safety.


Interesting. The video annoyed me.

I wish they would show how loud (or quiet) they are rather than play music.

It doesn’t look like the airbag extends to the neck or pelvis though? Don’t most airbags protect more of then length of the spine?


I did not know that. Thank you


I’m not really convinced. A “body protector” - the hard shell thingy - provides passive protection. Like a helmet, it is always there, on one’s body, in case one falls off. An “air vest” - the inflatable thingy - offers active protection. It requires activation of the gas canister to inflate and so provide protection. I’m open to persuasion, but an inflatable hard shell seems a bit of a stretch. How is there room to inflate inside the protective panels? If the protective panels are not snug to the body, do they provide adequate passive protection? I’m sure the designers have worked on this but, in my experience, a badly fitted air vest causes many riders to be gasping for air until someone comes to help them.

Apart from my one-person-only point of view, in British Eventing this new device would be difficult to use because a body protector, of the correct BETA standard, is compulsory and an air vest, with no safety standard available as yet, is voluntary and it must be worn on top of a body protector.

It will be interesting to see how this product develops because I’m all in favour of safety and of innovation that improves safety.


Any thoughts or opinions on this safety vest?

@pluvinel? @Xctrygirl @Jealoushe @Reed

I don’t have personal experience but I’ve heard really good things. A lot of people here ride in those I think.

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@TXnGA One of the most popular in the UK

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