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Free lease agreement for broodmare

Does anyone have a template they could send me? Or if not, some things I should be sure to include? The mare is 18, has had 2 foals and will be leased by my BO so I will have eyes on her the whole time but I’ve never done this before and am fairly confident there are a lot of contingencies that haven’t even occurred to me.

Here is a link to some sample forms. I have used them to formulate a lease agreement. http://bayequest.info/static/forms/

I’d be happy to share mine but am out of town for a week.

I let my trainer and another breeder free lease a mare of mine on two different occasions. You wan to be sure to include the following:

-What they are responsible for (vet, farrier, etc).

  • the mare’s value if she is lost due to negligence of the leasee (You might want to require they carry insurance.)
    -time period of lease
    -who is responsible for cost of getting mare to leasee and back home

Those are the main things I can remember off the top of my head.

[QUOTE=New Horizons;7472256]
I’d be happy to share mine but am out of town for a week. [/QUOTE]

That would be awesome. I’m not in a hurry, mare is not going until end of April. Thanks so much!

You are very welcome! :slight_smile: Can you pm me your email address? I can send it as an attachment.

could I also get you to send me a copy please? imajacre@gmail.com ty very much

This thread is 10years old. The person that you are asking (for a copy of a free lease agreement) hasn’t been active on the board since 2018.

Perhaps there is someone else here who can help?

We have a broodmare lease agreement contract available for download on our website. Drafted by an equine attorney with 25+ years experience. :slight_smile: