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Free-standing blanket stand

Looking for free-standing blanket stands to hang horse blankets in a storage unit. Any recommendations?

I actually use one on wheels that my MIL had for her blankets in her bedroom. I LOVE wheeling that thing from stall to stall to hang blankets on, then wheel it back to its home base.


I have collapsible wardrobe racks (also on wheels!) that I adore. I bought them to hang blankets to dry, not for storage, but no reason you couldn’t store them there as well.


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Good idea. Do you think it’s strong enough to hold multiple winter blankets?

Yes I put 200g turnouts on it and I can fit 4 of them unfolded, but I’m sure it would hold more folded up.

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SO made me one out of PVC pipe. PVC elbows for the corners. Big locking wheels. It fits two neckie turnouts stretched out to dry or a dozen blankets tidily folded. Sweaty saddle pads in the summer. Love it! You could make it any size you need. Just need something to cut the pipe and some PVC glue.

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Sounds perfect! Can you share a photo?

I made a PVC pipe rack for washing and drying blankets many years ago. I decided that it was too big to easily store as I was drawing plans and putting together a materials list.

My solution was to not glue together some of the parts. so I ended up with 3 flat sub-assemblies that were held together vertically by pipe sections that were just friction fit. It worked for many years, until I got a place with fences to hang things on to wash and dry.

Sorry, I never took any pictures, but picture something horse sized, four legs, but no neck.

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