Freejump Soft’Up Lite Stirrups

Does anyone have these? I’ve ridden in Royal Rider flex stirrups for years but would love a comfy, black safety stirrup for jumping!

I have these, I like them a lot - if I had it to do over, I would probably buy the regular size and not the lite - I think the lite is really meant for very petite people/kids - I wear a 7.5-8 shoe and it’s a little bit of a tighter fit than I prefer, I think the stirrup would better function in case of a fall if were roomier. They also have a weight limit of around 130 lbs.

But they are grippy and comfortable and I love the flexible arm, I don’t really worry about getting caught in the stirrup, and I’ve never lost one, they just always seem to be in the right place.

Fair warning, their appearance tends to draw strong reactions from more conservative trainers/traditionalist types - not usually a problem for eventers but fyi :laughing:

Pic of me in them on my large pony. Hard to see how much room my foot has - it’s not as tight as it looks but there’s definitely not a lot of space.

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Thanks for the photo! I’m in the same boat. I wear a 7-7.5 shoe. There’s just such a big price difference with the regular kind!

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I could post the photo of my daughter’s right foot that got hung in her stirrup when her horses slid down then got up off of her… broke nearly every bone in her foot. Saving grace was horse had been taught to ground tie so stood still once getting up rather dragging her.

Safety gear (helmets/vests/stirrups) is expensive but cheaper than a surgeon and many, many months of recovery and PT


Great point. I actually found the Soft’Up Pro for $100 cheaper in the UK so maybe I’ll go for those! Just invested in a MIPS helmet, too.


MIPS is an awesome safety upgrade, and I always look for better prices on expensive stuff (bridles etc) at shops in the UK! Hope you like your new helmet and stirrups, let us know what you think when you get them!

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I got a pair and was super excited but found they made my feet go numb! If you can rent/trial/borrow a pair that is probably wise - or if you order from the UK and don’t like them, you can probably resell in the States for what you paid.

I have the regular black freejumps on most of my saddles. I cannot imagine ever wanting to ride in any other stirrup.

I inherited a pair of the lite version from a friend, and I’ll echo that they seem tiny. I can ride in them, but my foot is just ever so slightly too snug. To the point that I pulled them out of rotation and will swap a pair from one of my other saddles if I need a pair for a stirrupless saddle.


The Lites are really made for kids, and although they say ok up to a particular shoe size it’s extra weight they aren’t made to take.
I gave the standard Freejumps and I absolutely love them.
I tried Sprenger Bow Balance, standard hinged and Compositi previously and I feel much more secure in my Freejumps with considerably less knee and ankle pain (I have arthritis)

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I decided to go for the Pro ones! I can’t wait to try them! The last thing I wanted was stirrups that were too small.