Freestyle Music Editor

What’s the most up to date freestyle music editor that everyone likes? I am okay with paying a small amount for it, and have a decent handle on technology. Would love to be able to cut out lyrics and change tempo/speed of song, but it’s not a necessity.

I have not played with any media player in years (and the newer the OS the worse the ‘accessories’)
BUT I heard people rave about Audacity. At the time it was a free app, not sure how they developed, or if you have to buy a premium version to do the things you want.
I am not sure you can edit lyrics out though. perhaps you need to find karaoke versions of the songs?

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Audacity is still free. I don’t know that you could actually pull the lyrics put though

Judges definitely don’t like Karaoke versions of known songs being used for freestyles. Nearly all articles on the subject from the major magazines like Dressage Today and USDF Connections have long advised against that.

If you don’t want the vocals, the goal is to find instrumental versions of the songs that have something within the orchestration still carrying the lyrical melody, not karaoke. A karaoke version cuts out more than the words. It also typically cuts out the melody which is the more familiar and appealing part of the tune.