Fresh Start Sport Horses in CA

Anyone have experience with them? All signs look positive as far as being reputable. Hoping that is true!

I have been a “fan” of Cassandra’s on FaceBook for years. I live in the North Los Angeles area and know a lot of horse people. I have never ever heard a bad word about her or her Fresh Start Sport Horse operation that is now a 501c non profit. I’ve heard she does a good job of matching riders to appropriate mounts. Cassandra always has nice stock and if I’m ever in the market for another horse I’d not hesitate going to her.

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I like this little operation a lot actually. I went to try a young horse in 2017, and we found some bad stuff on the x-rays. I was pleased to see that the head trainer still has the mare and is personally producing her instead of passing her off. It’s a good variety of higher end horses and more mid-tier all arounder types. I would buy from Fresh Start, no red flags that I observed in my visit. I was trying a three and half year old with not that much time under saddle. We were having super high winds and I had asked her if the horse was ok for an ammy to try in these conditions. She said yes and the horse was one of the safest youngsters I’ve ever met.

Honestly the only thing I think to say negative about the operation is they have a very wobbly mounting block lol, so it’s a pretty good place. She also apparently does a lot of retirement out of her own pocket. Seems like an honest, hard working trainer/seller. She has one youngster who is on my “keeping an eye on that one” list so I might be back next year.