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Frey Cart Adjustments

I have a Frey Sprint that I’d like to tinker with the settings on, but am not sure where to start. The cart rides a little too heavily on my mare’s back than I’d like, but the seat is already all the way back.

When we assembled it (it had been disassembled for transport), there were a couple of different places on the cart that bolts went through with different holes but we couldn’t make sense of what hole resulted in what kind of change to the cart’s balance.

There are four (?) holes running vertically under the seat, and three or four holes running horizontally under the floor board. Can anyone explain what changing the setting in each of those areas does to the cart?

I am not familiar with the suspension under the Frey carts. They are very popular with drivers! You might call or write the Frey Company for a manual that would explain the details much more clearly.

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