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Friendly Christmas safety helmet reminder

Hi All,

I know most of you COTHers are big advocates of wearing a helmet but just a quick reminder to all of the importance of wearing one.

I haven’t had a fall in three years but please body get complacent. My mare threw me when mounting today. No harm done but my helmet was cracked!!! Foot stuck in stirrup and landed on head. No doubt about it that would have been a very nasty accident had I not been wearing a helmet.

So please everyone, be safe and make sure your holiday riding doesn’t end in injury or worse.

A trip to the store for a new helmet will be in order tomorrow!!

Happy Holiday all.:slight_smile:


Bought a new one today after a fall recently.

Here are a couple of pics I hope will inspire all helmet-eers! (hope the links work) Bothe of these are the best reasons to wear helmets. Credt: Found both pics on Jane Savois’ facebook page.



Second pix: Whhoooo-eeeee!!! I hope the magazine/ photographer sold lots of prints because that is totally frameworthy.

And since I have no hope of UPS/ USPS / Fedex/ other non-container delivery at any speed, I have three helmets here. Mine, my guest helmet/ backup, and my out of date helmet.

I fell and hit my head on the icy sidewalk during my walk today…wish I’d had my helmet on then!