Fringe Fly Mask?

Does anyone use a fringe fly mask? I’ve also seen masks that are mesh with a fringe attached for the nose. What have you found are the benefits or drawbacks of them? Thank you!

I use a fringe fly mask occasionally, I find them best for riding because I can attach it to my bridle fairly simply. For turnout I do no halter, so using a fringe fly mask would mean halter, I opt for mesh instead. My horse rubs his eyes and is prone to getting a puffy eye/bacterial infection, so another reason that I opt for mesh as it reduces contact with his eyes.

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I use mine when I go on trail rides. It works well and keeps the flies off my gelding’s face without him having to wear a whole fly mask on a ride. I havent used it in place of his normal fly mask when he is not being ridden.

I have the Shires fly mask with fringe on the nose for my horses.

What I like most about the fringe is that it offers full face protection from flies, and to a lesser degree, the sun, without the fit problems of solid mesh nose extensions. I constantly have the “Goldilocks” problem with full face masks: either they are too short and leave too much of the face exposed to the sun and bugs, or they are too long and irritate the nostrils and get disgustingly dirty while grazing. The fringe length is generous, but also just falls to the sides so it doesn’t interfere with grazing as badly.


I use the Shires fringe masks, too. They fit well and the horses tolerate them–it’s rare they take off a mask. I don’t know if the fringe does much, but it is HILARIOUS looking, so that’s a bonus! :joy:

Thanks for the insights, all!