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Front Leg Swelling....

My 15 year old Paint mare has edema/filling on the insides of both front legs, from knee down to top of fetlock. The outsides of her legs appear much tighter. They are filled 99% of the time, no matter what she is doing. When turned out they do go down very very slightly. Legs are filled more so when the weather is hot/humid and go down slightly when weather is cooler. Legs are tighter during winter months and then once spring hits they tend to fill.

She does have some “calcifications,” as the vet called it, on the insides of her fetlocks. She is a barrel horse and is more “front endy.” He said that they are nothing to worry about unless they start to cause her pain, which they don’t.

She has absolutely no heat anywhere along the swelling and is completely sound at every gait. Does not show any pain when area is palpated.

Could her legs just be “stocked up” but never fully “drain?” I’ve dealt with horses stocking up but the swelling always went down with exercise or turn out. Hers does not, at least not completely.

Anybody have any idea as to what I may be dealing with?


I haven’t ridden her in over a week due to my concern with this swelling and I’m getting worried and frustrated that it doesn’t come down.