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Frozen ET/Recip Mare/Foaling Recommendations for California

I’ve got a frozen embryo and I need to find a clinic to implant it, a recip mare, and a facility to foal the mare out.

I’d like to stay in CA but would go north on the coast as well, or a little east (ideally no farther than a day drive). I want the best of the best. There are no guarantees with the embryo contract, so I want the best shot I have at things going well. I do not want to bring the recip mare to my farm, and would prefer to board her where she already lives. If that farm can also foal her out for me, even better, but if not I’ll need recommendations for foaling as well, ideally somewhere very close to a clinic just in case.

I’ve had one recommendation near Alamo Pintado but I’d like to hear from the hive mind.


I was going to mention AP (Alamo Pintado) and also Santa Luica Farm (Equine Clinic). Dr Fernando at SLF is amazing. I know of a couple older maidens he got pregnant with frozen!