Frozen from a racing TB stallion?

Do TB stallion owners sell frozen doses on the side? Like cheaper than a regular live cover stand and nurse? I just got curious, because there’s a TB stallion in IRE named Sir Prancealot. I know that a name isn’t a great reason to breed a horse, but Sir PRANCEALOT! And he’s actually quite sporty. Wouldn’t mind putting a few of his straws in the frozen bank.

I don’t believe Weatherbys accepts artifical insemination, and I know the American Jockey Club doesn’t, so I’d be very surprised if a TB stallion would have frozen semen available.

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Since race breeding is only live cover and most TB stallions are used for that, I would expect they aren’t set up for AI.

Most TB come from racing programs and most TB cross horses are OTTB mares acquired cheapish plus the stud being QH, Arab, WB, Welsh, Percheron, etc.

I don’t even see TB advertised at stud on the general market.

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There are increasing numbers of TBs as sport sires in the UK and Ireland as the need for “blood” when going xc is increasingly recognised - but this is from a very low number.

Too bad. Nice bloodlines along with the cute name.

Sir Prancealot stands in California for $15,000. He was foaled in Ireland, but he does not stand there anymore. He has been pretty popular, covering 105 mares this year.

It is not common practice to freeze and sell straws for TB race stallions. That doesn’t mean no one is doing it. There have been a handful of well known TB stallions who have also been used for QHs at different points in time and it wouldn’t shock me to learn someone has straws in the tank for their own purposes.

Top TB stallions stand for more than the average person can afford and cover so many mares a year that there literally aren’t enough hours in the day to entertain breeding horses of other disciplines. But there are many stallions in regional breeding programs with affordable stud fees and small books. Depending on the farm, they may or may not be willing to breed non-TB mares. I used a stallion in OH one year at a farm that did both TBs and QHs. While I was there I learned they were willing to ship semen for some of their TBs because they were already shipping their QH stallions, but that’s definitely not the norm.


Had to look up his farm, San Miguel, up north of Paso Robles. In his video, he’s gorgeous.

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