Frozen Poop In Newer Spreaders

I wondered what folks experiences were in dealing with very hard-frozen poop ball in their Newer Spreaders? Sometimes you just can’t clean and spread immediately or poop freezes while horse is stalled overnight.

Does the agitator “beat them into submission” and break them up while spreading? Or you have to just tip up the spreader at the end of the row to dump them out? This one has a stainless steel agitator upgrade, which may be tougher than the aluminum agitator that is standard on the models.

My friend with a Newer spreader doesn’t use it in the winter because she winterizes her lawnmower and it stays parked until spring! She uses the wheelbarrow all winter.

Thanks for any of your experiences dealing with this issue. It does get darn cold here some years, best to be prepared!

If they’re frozen solid, the beater bar can’t break them up. They’ll end up getting forced through the “gate” at the bottom of the unit and bending the metal. In the winter, before I fill the spreader, I step on one of the manure balls to see if I can break it apart with my heel. If yes, then I’ll use the spreader, if no, I use the wheelbarrow and cart it over to the compost pile.

If in doubt, don’t use the Newer because if you guessed wrong and can’t spread, it’s a PITA to get it empty. It takes a lot of effort to get it tipped over, the balance is all wrong.

I have not used my Newer spreader in a few years. I found the spreader to be very picky about manure which was too damp. Having to stop frequently to turn over the manure in the bin with a pitchfork was simply too much work.

Maybe in sunny Florida where the Newer spreaders come from their dry manure spreads easier. I cannot imagine trying to spread ice cubes with one either

As you can tell I am not a fan.

Thank you both for more information. Sure would not want to kill the spreader!