Frozen Semen Agent In USA

Hi, I am not new to this forum, but I haven’t been on here for a while. I am hoping to find a semen agent that I can work, with regards to supplying the USA and Canada with frozen semen from my stallion Legrande, who is based in the UK. I already have clients waiting, both in USA and Canada, but I’m unable to locate an agent that can store and distribute it for me.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks


Have you tried reaching out to Select Breeders Services?

How about looking at a UK service with experience exporting to North America such as

The semen is stored at Stallion AI Services, I have contacted the agent they recommended, but after 2 weeks, I still haven’t had a response to my email, so basically looking for alternatives.

Thank you weixiao, I will give them a try.

Love your stallion. I would call now; how many doses do they have? Export is very different per country.

Thank you Katis, we are very proud of him <3

We have:
45 doses UK/AUS
43 doses UK/AUS/USA
25 doses UK/AUS/USA/CAN/EU

Semen has just finished the mandatory quarantine period, so its ready to go!

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