Fryskware blanket reviews

Has anyone tried Fryskware blankets?

I saw them mentioned in another post about horses who may require a lower/deeper cut neck opening, but no one seemed to have experience with them specifically. I have a perch x tb and the big fella blankets just slide back and end up too tight around the neck/withers.

*I read through the other post extensively and may try Weatherbeeta next as it appeared to be the winner, but curious about Fryskware as they sound lovely (although not cheap!).

I’m also curious after seeing them mentioned…

I just really looked at these online. The three way adjustable neck is appealing.

I have a Friesian cross, he has a lot of neck and shoulder. These are on my radar now for sure. They seem comparable to some of the Rambos price wise. Hard to spend that without hearing some reviews though.

I’d post on horse and hound, you’d probably get more EU posts since it appears to be a European based brand.


Just posted on horse and hound, thanks for the tip! Will update if I get any good feedback.


Please do! I’m very curious.

FWIW - the WB blankets that have the snap front closure fit my big neck guy better than the buckle front closure. I also note my Kensington fly sheet fits him ok, their TO blankets might be worth a look. The Amigo XLs look interesting too