Full service hirelings for hunts in MA or VA?

Massachusetts resident but Virginia student here; I’m an intermediate rider comfortable w/t/c and small jumps (2’6 or so), and desperately want to get out hunting. I do not own or lease a horse, so I’m very limited in what I can do.
Does anyone know of any sort of “full service” hunt places near either Lynchburg VA, or Boston, MA? Im in VA sept-may and MA over summer. I’ve ridden cross country but never hunted so I’d need complete help with capping fees, licenses, etc.

She’s based a couple hours north of Lynchburg, but @Hunter_s_Rest has lovely horses for hire. My friend and I went out with her in 2017 and had a great time! She handled all of the logistics for us and made sure we knew what to wear and expect.



Have you posted in MA equestrian Facebook groups? When I lived in Boston I’d tag along with friends who hunted with Myopia or Norfolk who had an extra horse, didn’t find anyone who just had horses for hire outright. Also could be worth a shot to email the Masters to see if they know of anyone.

Good luck!

My husband and I did a trail ride with Old Dominion with Hunter’s Rest and fully recommend her!


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Highly recommend Hunter’s Rest as well!

Hunting season is winding down in VA and will be over in a few weeks. I’d suggest hacking out with Hunter’s Rest in April and May, getting to know the horses and territory and Betsy (the owner) can introduce you to what you’ll need to know to ride out in a group and hunt successfully.

Then, you’ll be all set for cub hunting in September. Cubbing is usually, not always, slower and more new hunter friendly that regular season hunting.

Wow, this is something I’ve always wanted to try! As a mainly dressage rider turned lower level eventer (Novice with glances of Training) the past 5 years, would that be enough experience to participate in hunting or cubbing? I’m in the Midwest, but if Hunter’s Rest offered lessons re: what to expect on a hunt on schoolmasters, I would love to spend 5 days or so enjoying and learning!

In a nutshell, if you are safe and having at Novice level eventing, you have enough under your belt to enjoy fox hunting!


Thanks @SLW. I’m hoping to do a trip this coming fall or early 2023. If anyone has other recs for places to learn and experience a hunt, I’m all ears. Willing to travel to VA, OH, PA, IN, KY, etc. TIA!!

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If you are willing to travel to VA then Hunters Rest is the place to hire and ride out on a hunt. The owner has a stellar reputation of providing appropriate horses and a good day of sport.

My advice is: Not all hirelings are alike with groups so stick with well established ones.


Gotcha! I’ll reach out to her. Thank you!