Fun topic: Who has watched/is watching the TV series, Vikings, and has notice the horses.....?

Seems they only have about a dozen horses that they use in the series over and over. These same horses are ridden all over the known world and by friends and enemies alike. It’s gotten so obvious that I am constantly saying to myself things like “Oh, now Ragnar’s mortal enemy, Earl or King so and so, is riding Ragnar’s horse [that he just rode in the scene before in Kattagat] in Wessex, England!”

By the way, that’s the gray with the tail that has been badly and scraggly pulled at the top. Too funny.

And notice how that black Clyde mix is so danged lazy that his riders have to kick like fiends to get him to move?

Well, there are horse people and then the rest of the world. The rest of the world is honestly surprised that horses can be identified one from the other and - even more surprising - have individual characters and opinions about what they wish to do. I have a discussion about this fairly regularly, mainly with people who ask me why I ride.