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Fund raiser for US para drivers

Hopefully the is allowed. The organization hosting it is a 501c3.

Anyway, the Florida Whips had a custom yonnies harness donated by The Carriage House, and they are raffling it off through a go fund me account for the Para Drivers to go to the world championships. For every $10 donated you get 1 chance in the raffle, so two good things: much needed funds for our para drivers and a chance to have a new harness that is really high quality.

I happen to have that harness (from carriage house) and she does an excellent job with all the extras. It’s just a really nice harness (pic is Xan in his carriage house yonnies harness).

Here’s the go fund me link, please donate and share with your driving friends!


When and where is the World Championships?

They’re at Exloo (Netherlands), August 27th. Chrissy Aitken and Bob Giles have both been competing in Florida all winter and are aiming for WC, I would love to see them achieve the dream. Chrissy is in the Developing Athlete program so I saw her drive most of the winter, she’s tough as nails, entirely committed and has made huge progress this winter. And Bob Giles… Anyone who has met him knows how wonderful he is, and few give back to the sport like he does.

CDE ends up being the most expensive overseas equine sport thanks to transporting all the equipment (and they send more horses to Europe than any other FEI sport).

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