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Funny Cide is gone

Hard to believe his TC run was 20 years ago.
RIP Funny


Just saw Sackatoga’s announcement on twitter

Sad news indeed

What sad news. And where does the time go!?


That makes me feel both sad and old. :frowning:


I saw him Thursday afternoon, I have to have taken one of the last ever photos of him. He won the second Preakness I ever attended. His trainer’s daughter was my exercise rider so he stabled in the barn next to mine instead of the stakes barn. It was a very exciting time


I can’t get that photo to open - would love to see it.

Godspeed Funny Cide. I also cannot believe where the time goes. I remember cheering for him while watching the Preakness.

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I deleted it and reloaded it so hopefully it’s up now. We are camping in the woods in Northern Wisconsin so not much signal here

RIP ~ Funny Cide ~ a hero for 2003 ~

Thanks @Laurierace ~


Thanks for sharing. One of my fave TC campaigns. Did he have an abscess? (right hind)

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Yes he had an abscess

Poor guy!

Thank you for sharing.

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That is a wonderful picture of him. Sad to think he is gone.

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