Galoubet A Daughter - Stallion Choices?

Hello All! I am looking for suggestions on a stallion for this mare. Thanks in advance for ideas!

She is a Galoubet A daughter, 16.1 hh, 18 years - FAB knees on her jump! She could use a bit straighter front legs in conformation but the tuck is great. She is super soft & sensitive and takes a special rider but not hot just forward to her jumps. Has great cadence to her gaits and is lovely to ride.

Would like to produce a top-level eventer or show jumping foal.

She produces color on any stallion she has been bred to, even solid WB stallions - options with chrome are high on my list BUT would consider any color (not grey) - primarily seeking to create a well balanced, athletic, foal that will compete and have excellent b’lines! Though she has been an easy breeder, she had a year off so prefer fresh though would consider frozen.

Pictures and Video - Pedigree link here:

I don’t know if this will be helpful. Your mare is a very different type (and has different gaits) than the Galoubet A daughter I owned. I bred my Galoubet A/Abdullah mare to Landfriese II (Landadel son) and the inspector’s comment was “repeat the cross.” If I still owned her, I would breed to Lagheider (sp?) who is available fresh. You may want to check him out. Excellent dam too.

Kanaan and Epsom Gesmeray were two of my other top choices and would (hopefully) give you size/power with a good mind. Mezcalero may be available frozen and is another one I would look at for a jumper. Check out what bloodlines cross well, but keep in mind you already have an outcross, so I wouldn’t get too far in type. I don’t know how/what she produces.

There are also lots of lovely holsteiners to consider…

This is just my opinion and worth about 2 cents.

I have a now 23 year old mare by Galoubet A out of mare by Vesuve (very old SF lines) The mare jumped very successfully herself up to European Young Rider levels (1.50 classes) She has bred me 6 foals and the best are: mare by Lupicor now 8 years old and sadly off work recovering from a field injury but last year was jumping up to 1.40 level. A mare by Couleur Rubin now 7 years and currently on the Sunshine Tour in Spain and jumping some good clears on 7yo circuit. (1.30) Lastly, and maybe the best, time will tell, a 5 yo by Kannan. Only been out at national shows in the last 3 weeks and already attracting attention. If I were still breeding the mare I would undoubtedly go back to Kannan - he has given size, power and scope.

No suggestions… but I too have a Galoubet daughter. She is in her 20’s now and had several foals for me by my stallion, Mirabeau. Very very good producing broodmare. I value my old gal and think the world of her bloodlines. I have a daughter of hers in my program now. She is having her first foal this spring and the foal was sold inutero. :smiley:

Envious you are still able to breed your lady. Enjoy the search and of course the little one to come next year.

I bred a very nice Galoubet mare out of a TB to my stallion by Rio Grande. Here is the result as a four year old:

Guess I should have added a picture of my Galoubet mare daughter. Name is Miramonroe and sired by Mirabeau. She is infoal to Simba Twist (yes a Twist line TB stallion). Foal should be quite the JUMPER! Exciting. :smiley:

Galoubet daughter crosses

We have had two Galoubet daughters both out of TB dams. one more blood type and the other is bigger boned so more Normandy type in appearance, but athletic and forward. We have crossed them to Riverman, Mezcalero, Judgement, and Pilox with very good success - tall, elastic, athletic offspring. Two showed in the IJF and both won Most GP Potential Championships. One of these is now winning open equitation and Junior Hunter, the other is jumping 1.45 M currently. One Riverman - Galoubet daughter was bred to Indoctro last year and had a First Premium KWPN filly. The Mezcalero, Pilox, and Judgement crosses show huge scope but are still quite young.
Kannan is an excellent cross as both Nimmerdor and Voltaire are nicks with Galoubet. Hope to do it someday. :slight_smile: