Game Ready Cold Therapy Unit 2.0 Help Repair for older Unit?

I am drawing at straws here…I have an older Game Ready Equine Unit 2.0 that needs repair, possibly a new pump? Game Ready no longer fixes the older models they have not been helpful at all. Unit is a good condition and it would be a shame to not try and fix it. If anyone has had past experience on repairing the older models 2.0 such as this one, please let me know. Unit does not leak, inflates fine, great compression no issues however, it is on the deflate to the next cycle it seems to lose pressure and gives a “dry pump” error code.

I assume you checked the filter to insure it is not clogged/blocked… if everything else is working as it should …was they system cleaned with an unapproved solvent? if so the hoses may have internal damages restricting flow

(I have no experience with this item but did find the complete (revised) manual on line )

Checked the filter and was cleaned of a small amount of debris. Hose is new, no chemicals were used. During a cycle under pressure if you open the ice box up you will see the returning water (after a cycle completes), the water then appears to slow down to a trickle the error code dry pump appears. I am sure a part is required. It’s impossible to find them.

If you can find an old school appliance repair shop, they might be able to take it apart & figure out how to fix it. They’ve gotten harder to find, but there have to be a few guys out there still doing that sort of thing??

Old Game Ready units do show up on eBay every now and then, too. Might be able to mine one for parts?