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Gary Mundy English Stirrup Leathers

Hey all!

So, I’m looking into buying myself a pair of Gary Mundy English stirrup leathers since I’ve heard lovely things about them, but I don’t know what to choose!

I know for sure that I want my initials on them but other than that I’m in the dark about measurements of his leathers since he explained in the Price/Product List of how he measures his leathers and I guess that’s different?

I’m 5’6 and I’m not too sure on what length i’ll need.
Any suggestions?

(I just want to have this order be a one-shot deal and not have to return them)

Also, which English Leathers of Types #1-#5 would you recommend most as far as comfort, looks and durability goes?

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks :slight_smile:

There are tons of Gary Mundy threads on here including another one already going in the H/J forum.

jn4jenny offers spot on advice for determining your measurements.

My leathers are:
English Stirrup Leathers
leather style #2, stitched edges
Havana color
Smooth side out
Length 54"
Width 1"
hole pattern #5
Stamping JLS and small flower

But, your needs may be different.

Whatever you order, they will be lovely and well worth every penny. You might also consider who else will be riding in them. I’m very short, but both of my trainers are 6’ plus. So I ordered my leathers so that I’m on the very shortest hole and there is enough length for them. If I ever switch trainers AND when/if I need a replacement pair, I’ll order shorter leathers. My first pair was ordered in 2001 and is still going strong, but was used by a local lesson barn while I was off at college and they punched practically dozens of holes in them–unevenly and then never rotated them. I ordered a replacement pair in 2011 because I was annoyed at having leathers that looked like swiss cheese NOT because they were worn out.

I’m 5’5 and have the 52’ length. I forget what type number it is, but I have the nylon core, lined ones. They are very pretty :slight_smile: