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Gastrogard Treatment

I am wanting to change my horses Gastrogard treatment from a dose in the PM to a dose in the AM. At his old barn the woman didn’t have time to give him supplements in the morning (I know… ridiculous), but now that he’s somewhere where he can get his dose in the AM I’m wondering if it matters if I have them give him his full dose tomorrow around 7AM after recieving an evening dose at about 4:45PM tonight.

Probably not. Is he on 1/4 tube? For show stress or transport, bute etc our vet recommended giving 1/2 - 3/4 tube so I would think the brief increase should be ok for your horse? Could ask your vet to be sure.

Are you doing full tube treatment dose to heal an ulcer? Ideally, it should be given about every 24 hours. I don’t think there will be a negative impact if you give it sooner (moving from PM to AM, less than 24 hrs between) but there might be reduction of effectiveness temporarily if you were going the other way (AM to PM, more than 24 hrs between).

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