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Gastroscopy clinics in northern Colorado?

Has anyone had a gastroscopy done in northern Colorado? I’m located in Longmont and I’m looking to get one done on my mare and my regular vet doesn’t do them. I’m happy to travel or have someone come to my barn, (although if there is a clinic that offers overnight boarding close by that would make the fasting much less of a headache!) I called CSU but I’d prefer to find somewhere a little more affordable. Thanks in advance! (Sorry I’m new to COTH)

Not in your neck of the woods, but I’m surprised your vet did not recommend someone…

@2tempe she did, but the quote they gave me was much higher than I’m used to for a scope… (like double). Just trying to figure out if it’s this area or not.

CSU of course can do it on site. Their regular ambulatory practice might also be able to do it on the farm, but the call charge currently to Longmont area is around $150. Not sure if the overall expense would be any better than going there.

I have used VetweRx for on the farm scoping. They are not the cheapest practice either, but they do a good job.

I don’t know of any clinic closer than CSU to board a horse to have someone else handle the fasting. Countryside Large Animal over in Greely has a fairly full service clinic.

For your reference, about 5 years ago, VetweRx’s price was $350 + sedation + call charge.

@IPEsq thanks! Yep, I called vetwerx and got a quote from them, but that’s really good to know you’ve had good experiences. I’ll give countryside a call as well. Thanks!

Amy Jergens has a scope and serves northern Colorado. I always found her pricing reasonable :slight_smile: Her practice is Jergens Equine, and she can board on site.

@Simkie she would be my first choice but she is apparently having medical problems herself and is booked out for weeks. 😭

Oh no! Sorry to hear that :frowning: Karen Reidlinger, maybe? Trying to remember if she has the equipment, but might be worth a call? Countryside should as well, or Altman? (Is Altman even still practicing…maybe another vet was talking over EMS right around the time I was leaving Colorado, hmmm)

EMS is run by someone else. I don’t have experience with them.

Mark Fitch might be worth a call, and you can haul to him…possibly stay overnight (not totally sure on that). He’s typically pretty reasonably priced. His farm is off 95th towards Lafayette. I know he can scope airways… not sure if he does gastroscopes.

Looks like Landes took over for Altman at EMS. They used to work together, so I suppose no surprise. Although I never used either, EMS was a popular vet at the barn and what I saw of Landes was positive. Worth a call, anyway.

I use Landes and have for long time, he is great. I’ve never needed to a scope, so I don’t know if he is set up for it.

I have known people to go down to Littleton Large for some things as they tend to be cheaper than CSU, but it is a bit more of a haul.