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Is there a way to feed gelatin without putting it in feed? Like maybe making a treat?

Gelatin is made from slaughtered animals
So I use other products.


Why do you want to feed gelatin? If you are after limiting amino acids, there are specific supplements for that which contain more protein.

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Gelatin is a quick and dirty biotin supplement. Some people swear by it, some don’t. I am pretty sure the vegan versions have biotin in it but since I don’t feed it I have no idea.

It was reccomended to help harden her feet and has worked very very well

Why not feed Biotin? Is gelatin really cheaper than bulk biotin?

Anyhow, you could mix it up with anything your wanted. I suppose if you put it in a mash you’d need to feed it fast before it turned into a Prairie Supper Jello Salad and I suppose you could add it to any baked treat you were making, but that seems like a lot of work.

hah. I thought this was just my own private joke. But apparently Prairie Supper Jello Salad is a legitimate thing and a Google search term.


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I had a horse with VERY soft feet… like pulled a shoe once a week soft. I now swear by Keratex and apple cider vinegar. I cleaned his feet out with apple cider vinegar every day to kill bacteria without killing the hoof and applied Keratex as directed by the bottle. He stopped pulling shoes completely even in very muddy paddocks where other horses pulled shoes daily and was able to get his sole pads off after several years. You made need the gelatin for other reasons but if it’s just for soft feet I highly recommend Keratex.

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Maybe a nice Lime Jello mold with carrot chunks and peppermints floating in it.

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My pony would prefer the orange flavored or watermelon with carrots and apples added.

We make a gelatin treat for horses (as we add API’s to our chewable treats for animals). We mix it with glycerin and then grind up some horse feed (pelleted) and pop it in the freezer to make it into a mold. Pop it out and feed it as a “treat”.

In the “olden days” before there was flavored bute, I would add gelatin powder to powdered bute in order to make it more palatable. A racetrack trainer shared the secret with me. I wish I would have trademarked that!!! :lol::lol::lol: