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Gelding with Big shoulders. AND High withers. Rambo T/O sheet too tight!,, :(( Any suggestions? I'm overwhelmed

I desperately need tried & true suggestions for a turnout sheet that will not be so tight at the shoulder nor hurt the withers of this hard to fit horse. He has a new Rambo turnout that, unbelievably, rubs him (surprised because they fit all our other big horses). Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

Depending on model and type of front closure, Rambo does make an extension piece that hooks across the chest and enlarges the fit for high withered, big shouldered horses. I have two of these for my big ones. Last one I bought at
Adams Supply.


Marla thanks I’ll also look at that.

Since you already have invested in the Rambo, you could try the extension piece as mentioned.

Amigo also makes an XL line, but it is not as durable as the Rambo if that is of concern to you. It is not 1000D Ballistic Nylon.

Schneider’s also makes fairly generously cut blankets and has the V-free wither system. IME the V-free thing is just marketing but in general the blankets are generous up front.

So if I need durability (more than the Amigo XL) I’d look at Schneider’s line-up. I had previous issues with them being waterproof but that was years ago, and I haven’t heard many complaints recently.


Bucas makes an XL line that is quite lovely. It is called the Big Neck.

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Joiedevis Im looking into Bucas but… He doesn’t have a big neck at all. Just very big shoulders coupled with high withers. Hard to fit. (Not sure if the Big Neck line means specifically big necks…?)

edited to add… Holy crap the lite Bucas is $300

Which model/style do you have? I see they now sell the chest extender for both Amigo and Original blankets.

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Marla, he has the original green Rambo sheet.

The expensive Bucas was the worst blanket for my horse. He ended up with terrible shoulder rubs. I bought some Bossy Bibs which helped with the shoulder rubs. A couple of years ago I bought some blankets from a local outlet which were quite cheap and no more shoulder rubs. I did find the Weatherbeta was a good fit.

Cat Tap, he had a Weatherbeeta in the past that fit great. Can’t seem to find another that’s the same, if anyone has a link please share!!

OK, great! My horses also have the original green and red in light weight, medium weight and heavy AND the green/red Rambo Chest
Extender fits all of them. This could be an inexpensive fix for your new lightweight. Check it out. Adams Horse Supply has them for around $30-39.00

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Get a Bossys Bib - really helps in these situations

I have a horse with a thicker neck/shoulder/withers and he barely fits most Rambo blankets and must wear a bib to prevent the rubbing. I also bought him a Weatherbeeta Comfitec Dynamic this year and it has ample room in that area. It is more roomy than the Rambo. It has has memory foam wither pressure relief. I found that feature to be interesting. The Weatherbeeta doesn’t rub and isn’t as tight as the Rambo, so that’s something to consider if you’d like another Weatherbeeta.

I have a Shire, and for the big chested horses, I’ve had great luck with the Big Fella line from Schneiders.

CanteringCarrot, I was wondering something about that memory foam wither area in that Weatherbeeta… I love the concept, assuming it does in fact create more comfort, as opposed to discomfort due to even more material there (i.e. tighter). Memory foam tends to be a “hot” material. I wonder if it might create uncomfortabe heat there sometimes? Even though, I’m assuming, it’s covered by the exterior material. Thoughts?

No really. Spend $50 on a Bossys Bib before you start spending hundreds on blankets - you might be surprised.

It is two sections of memory foam with a small space in the middle. The foam is not heavy or hot because there is not a lot of it. It also does not make the blanket tighter IME. My PRE is very sensitive and has not shown any problems in that area. The regular Rambo was actually rubbing his withers a little bit, the Weatherbeeta does not. I also bought him a Bossy Bib and it seems much better for him than the spandex stretchy style shoulder guard he had.

I was never a huge fan of Weatherbeeta, but this one works quite well for me and has been both Waterproof and durable thus far.

Thanks CanteringCarrot. Will try this. ( Re BossyBibbs - they really didn’t work great for another horse of ours - and though they do create slip, they don’t relieve the discomfort of a tight binding sheet. (Our experience)


I am also going to recommend Schenider’s. I worked in a training barn where all the horses had the classic green Horseware blankets, and the horses with big shoulders were awful to blanket. The trainer bought a Schneider’s for her surliest horse, and I’ll be darned if he wasn’t an exponentially more pleasant animal to blanket after that.

I think this is the one that she bought. https://www.sstack.com/Horse-Blankets-And-Sheets_Waterproof-Turnout-Blankets_Fitted-V-Free/StormShield-V-Free-Regulator-Bellyband-Turnout-Blanket/?green=911DC906-CDDC-57C6-08A1-82F57EEDD6EA