Georgia Hunter Jumper Barns

Hi Everyone.

I just accepted a job with a company based in Atlanta. I’m moving from MA in July and I’m hoping with the reduced cost of living, I can start to ride again. I’m hoping to find a competitive farm that has really good trainers, a decent show schedule, and have jumpers to half-full lease. I have a lot of experience I showed in the junior jumpers, junior hunters, and equitation as a kid and have experience up to 1.40m. I also am a former FEI groom and can help out at the barn too (I’m a bit of an adult barn rat). I’m also hoping to find a place with a great atmosphere with a good group of adultammys. Also, any info about price points is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Georgia is a big state, it might help to add “Atlanta” in the title of your thread.

Add where in Atlanta you’ll be living and working in your thread, too. Atlanta traffic is absolutely horrendous and going from SW to a NE barn during most of the day could take hours.

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If you are looking at the north side of Atlanta, check out

Recommend Aida Sanchez at Castlerock Equestrian, who runs a successful H/J program in Tennesse, and just opened an additional program in Alpharetta, GA. Anything from Long Stirrup to Derbies to FEI.