Georgia/South Carolina trail riders: Bussey Point

Now that I have a trailer and someone to ride with I’ve hauled to Bussey Point several times. Do any of y’all ride there?Would anyone be interested in meeting up there?

So far my friend and I have yet to encounter any other equestrians there.

I did not know about that one. Thanks for posting, I will have to check it out.

I have wondered if it’s just not on people’s radar.

It’s a designated wilderness, and except for weekend hunts a couple times a year open for multi use but no motorized vehicles.

Lovely lovely views of Thurmond Lake, a horse friendly campground adjacent, lake access from all campsites, 30-some miles of trails and dirt roads.

No hookups and no user fee except a nominal honor system charge of ten bucks a night for campground. Trails not particularly challenging, lots of sandy footing.

About an hour from Augusta.

It is a little over an hour south for myself but that is not a bad haul at all.