Getting a TB mare inspected into WB books - thoughts?

I have a mare that I believe to be quality enough to get approved into some WB books. I’m not looking to breed now, but maybe in the future.

I am getting educated on the process, but how does one choose which registry to shoot for? I’m looking at Oldenburg NA, Holsteiner NA, and Hanoverian. Some of my questions may be stupid, but bear with me…

Do any of these registries have “reciprocity”?
Is there any benefit to getting approved in one particular one before going for another?
Is it strictly based on her type? (there are a wide range of disciplines each breed is represented in, so I can’t say the answer is clear to me here)

Is there anything in particular that I should be working on now, targeting inspection in September-ish? I’d like to do the Mare Performance Test as well, if offered.

Thanks so much for any help that can be provided.

To my knowledge, no, the registries do not have reciprocity. You’d have to have her inspected independently for every registry you wanted her eligible to breed in.

As far as which registry to pick depends on your breeding goals and the stallion you want for your mare. If you like a Trakehner stallion, get her approved with ATA, and so on so forth.

I believe for most of the registries that the non-WB mare must meet a higher overall score (7?) to be approved. AHS + HOL being the most stringent. OLD-NA and ATA love TB infusion and I have heard very positive things by friends who have brought their JC-TB mares to inspections.

I think the ones most likely to approve a mare of good quality are ATA, RPSI, OLD-NA and if you want to forego the inspection route, you can breed your JC registered mare to a KPWN stallion and the foal is still eligible for registry with KPWN.

If you want to do MPT, make sure you teach your mare to free jump.

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I’ve never heard of any reciprocity with mares. Stallions yes, sometimes full, sometimes conditional.

There are 2 ways to make a decision:

  • find a list of stallions you like, see what registries they are approve with in common, and go with that one
  • find what inspections are typically close enough to you, and pick one

And then listen to beowulf about the general higher standards set for TB mares


She’s already in process of understanding a chute, though I haven’t raised the end jump much because I don’t want to freak her out. Just building confidence at the moment.

Maybe I’ll just do whatever is closest to start, and see how it goes. :slight_smile: I didn’t know if planning to do XY and Z would be redundant though, but it sounds like the answer to that is no so I’ll plan to do any and all that interest me. Thanks! ?

I had a thoroughbred mare inspected last year with the American Trakehner Association which happy results! Trakehners are more “blood” as a breed in general, so a good Thoroughbred mare is valued! Where are you located?

I’m in northwest Indiana. Anything within 5-6 hours would be worth the trip to me. :slight_smile:

Here is the inspection schedule for the American Trakehner Association:


From experience going through what you are going through, unless you have something dynamite (i was lucky to have) either go Rhineland, or OLD. every inspection I went through OLD approved every TB mare that came through, even some that left me scratching my head.

KWPN does not require an inspection, although I do believe pedigree has to be approved.

I know most registries require original Jockey Club papers as well, so keep those handy.

When I went through AHS with my OTTB mare in 2017, we did 12 months of building her up, both under saddle and on the ground lunging. know your mare’s weakness and be honest with yourself. Most TB mare lack a strong hind leg and carrying power. Just because they are a TB on the track they seem super strong, but most TBs PULL themselves along with the front end.



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