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Getting Argentine Warmblood Papers

Hi all!
I’m having a difficult time navigating the Asociacon Argentina De Fomento Equino website since the old owner lost the registration papers for my mare and I am in desperate need of them since I bred her to a Hanoverian Stallion and would like to get her inspected for getting the foal to be a Hanoverian. The website says I need to be a member of the Equine Development Association to be a member to get access to the rest of the site so I’m just a bit confused. What is the best way of getting her papers? I have her registered name and her tattoo, just not sure what the next steps are. TIA!

Have you checked with the Hanoverian registry to be sure they will inspect her if you have her papers? When I bred my Argentine mare to a Hanoverian stallion, she was not eligible for inspection in spite of having her original papers. At that time they did not accept Argentine mares, but some of the rules have changed since then.

It was very easy to get a COP from the AHS for my foal. If you end up with a colt you intend to geld, you might find that the easiest and most economical solution.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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What do you need? Original papers or copy? Shoot me a PM.