Getting back into the saddle after pregnancy

Hi everyone! I’m not sure if this is the proper place to put this, but since it’s concerning rehab, I thought I’d put it here. If this topic belongs somewhere else, please let me know.

I’m currently at the very beginning of my third trimester and haven’t ridden since January when I got the positive test so I’m getting very antsy! I know the general rule of thumb: Start exercising when doc says it’s okay, get back on when you feel ready, etc., but…
I’ve gotten VERY out of shape during this pregnancy - I was too sick to do much for the first 4 1/2 months and as soon as the warm weather started in May, I could no longer clean stalls (or spend time outside once it got warmer than 75 degrees for that matter). For reference, I’ve lost 10 pounds of muscle. As of right now, I obviously don’t know if it’ll end up being a c-section or not.
My trainer’s business has also now grown to the point where she needs assistant trainers and grooms and they’re well-paid positions. I obviously can’t take it on right now but I’d love to be able to pursue it once the baby is here because I was going crazy with a desk job and I have childcare lined up anyways. But this position would be very physical. How should I go about getting back into heavy-working shape after the baby is here? What worked best? How long should I expect it to take (assuming I have a relatively “normal” recovery)? Now that I’m feeling okay-ish, what are some light, 3rd-trimester-friendly exercises that I could do now to help down the road or even just get my baseline strength up (even my arms are super weak)?
I know not everyone is the same, and there’s so many factors that will affect my recovery time, but I’d like to hear your experiences with how you got back up to your previous strength.

I think walking is great exercise and something you can do safely throughout your whole pregnancy, as long as your not having issues. I jogged( then walked daily) with all my pregnancies.

I also did hand weights to help keep my arms toned. I rode through my first pregnancy up until the day before I delivered but with the 2 following I didn’t ride much as it was just not a comfortable experience with them but I did farm work at our family business which involved lots of walking and some lifting so I was in decent shape when I delivered them.

Getting back to riding wasn’t difficult and it is just going to depend on how hard you work at it as to when you will get back in shape. Your age will be a factor as well.