Getting brown stains out of white saddle pad

I have a white saddle pad (with black piping around the edges) with brown stains (from sweat I’m guessing) on almost the entire bottom and around the girth area on the top. Btw I do wash after every 1-2 rides in the washing machine.
How do I get them out WITHOUT letting the black piping it has around the edges bleed?
Really important because I need it white for a show! I’ve read about using bleach but apparently it may turn the pad yellowish and make the piping bleed.

Suggestions very appreciated! Thanks!!

Try soaking it in an OxyClean solution, and then wash with OxyClean, as well. You can purchase colour ‘magnet’ sheets that you throw in with the wash. They absorb the colour, instead of the article you are washing.

When I wash white saddle pads, I powerwash them first. :slight_smile:

Can you make an oxyclean/simple green paste and just presoak the stained parts? could also use diluted bleach just on the stain (briefly) before washing- I’d try the presoak first and then do the diluted bleach right before throwing the whole thing into the machine. I you can’t get it clean, you can always dye it brown.

Great idea, but are you sure that the black piping won’t bleed while it’s soaking in the solution (before it’s put in the washing machine)?

I would think that if the piping has not bled yet through multiple machine washings, it will not bleed if you soak it. You might not want the bleach on the piping, however, it might lighten it.