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Getting rocks out of the arena

Rocks are growing in my arena again. I no longer have access to cheap slave labor (children have grown & moved out) to pickup rocks by hand & can’t do it myself. I have found small hand drag grates that will take an eon to clean a riding arena, or fancy beach cleaners that cost more than I can afford to clean just one arena.

Anyone have any ideas for something that can be pulled behind a tractor or gator to screen out the larger rocks?

Landscape Rake

landscape rake

There is a variation of this called a Harley Rake, which is powered by tractor hydraulics or used on a skid steer, which is way more money than I think you have in mind. A small landscape rake with decently sturdy tines can be found in the sub-$500 range, going up into the low $1,000s in much bigger sizes than you need.

Are there any horse arena rock removal companies near you? There are many in the western states. Perhaps he might be able to recommend someone in your area.