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Getting started within the industry

Im about to get married and my future hubby has told me that we will move where ever we need to for my job because he works on cars and can find a job anywhere. I am very fortunate that he understands horses aren’t everywhere and supports my dream of working with horses even if it doesn’t make millions. :lol: But I am unsure of where to even begin.

  1. My absolute passion is rehab for horses. I am a Certified Equine Massage Therpist, but its not a steady income so I am looking into working for an equine rehab facility or an equine vet clinic with a concentration in rehab/sports medicine. I’d love some suggestions of places I should check out that may have the rehab focus I’m looking for. (location is not an issue)

  2. My other absolute passion is riding and I’ve thought about turning it into a career, but have no clue how to get it started. I see these riders who are in Wellington for months for a circuit, then Ocala for months, then Aiken … etc. These riders do this for a living and they aren’t all professionals. How do I get into that life? How do I go from a full time boring job to a full time riding lifestyle without being a working student (about to get married) and without millions of dollars?

Any suggestions/advice for either career path would be greatly appreciated!

Who did you certify with? Perhaps they can offer leads?

The ones you see in Wellington that are not horse pros often have related businesses and they do work or did work for years sacrificing to get that business built up. The ones that truely don’t work don’t have to because they don’t need to. There’s no way around money in a competition environment situated in an already pricey seasonal location like PB.

The best way in is via contacts. It’s who you know that can open doors. Do you do any work in conjunction with vets in your current location?

I fear you may be quite naive regarding your second bullet point. These folks don’t just come from nothing, or very few of them do, at least. They have sponsors, or they come from money. They have connections. And yes, if you get PAID to ride, you are a professional as per the very definition of the word.

You made need to get more realistic, there.

As per your first query, I’d suggest locating yourself in a major horse hub with multiple disciplines in the surrounding areas: the Carolinas, FL, Cali, certain parts of New York and CT all come to mind. Many big very clinics and universities there. But I fear you will need significantly more than just a cert. in equine massage to get in the door at many of these places. However, it’s a start.