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Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

I would like to get a holiday gift for someone on my team at work. She’s not directly my assistant but she is the most junior person in our team of 4 and she sorta supports all of us. And the other two people will likely put their names on the card, too.

So - what to get? Her passion is her five cats. I do not have cats so don’t have a ton of ideas at the ready. Any suggestions? Price range probably up to $100, maybe $150, but doesn’t have to be that much. I really just want it to be something that she will truly enjoy.

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You can get a nice cat tree for that price. Cats really do love them.
Like this for example

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I got this for my fellow cat lover friend for her birthday. She loves it!

Cat tapestry blanket

  • Lint rollers
  • Cat tower
  • Cat grass growing kit
  • Variety of toys/scratching posts (my cats all love the ones made of cardboard)
  • DaBird wand (simply the best cat toy ever!)
  • Laser pointer
  • cat tea towels

of course the best toy is the box the gift arrives in :rofl:

I got my cat loving friend a custom print of her cat dressed up as a “old time” war admiral through one of those Etsy custom pet prints. I just found my favorite cat on her fb page and pulled sent it to the artist. I think I paid $50.00 and that was after the sale for an 8x10.

For my birthday, one girlfriend set me a paw print kit for my dogs, I am sure you can do the same for cats. There are ‘ink’ types and clay types.

Let us know what you got her!

got our cats an outdoor living quarters, actually is chicken coop but works very well for the cats who can not be allowed to roam as we have coyotes who like to dine on Cat

the cats really like to get out to watch the real world

this is not the one we have but is similar



a kitten of course !


Window hammocks, business cats coffee cup (drennen davis on IG is the funniest cat dad and the source of all business cats merch. I’m obsessed), a cave type of bed with a way for them to sleep inside of it or on top.

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What a nice idea to get her something for her kitties!
A gift card to PetSmart or Petco if there is one near her; or a gift card for Chewy (if over $45, I think, they ship free).
Then she can pick out whatever she likes best/needs most.


I like the idea of a cat grass kit, as that’s something that’s fun and improves their health, but that most people don’t think of. Pair that with something for her, hopefully a step up from the coffee mug.

A Chewy gift card so she can get exactly what she wants/likes, is lovely. I bet with five cats she goes through a lot of litter!

I have six cats and while I would feel very grateful for anyone buying anything for them, some of my cats have specialty food or litter requirements that would make being gifted treats/food/litter difficult. But in no particular order, as a bona-fide cat lady with a house overrun by cats, here are some things that have made my QOL so much better:

  1. LeFant Robot Vacuum - it was $99 and the best $100 I ever spent. I run it daily and it completely controls the cat hair and cat litter tracking.
  2. Litter Robot - this is beyond your budget but, any sort of litterbox robot would probably help a poor soul with five cats!
  3. Churu Cat Treats - come in a variety of flavors and I’ve never had a cat turn them down.
  4. Non-textile/cloth cat tree. While the textile is nice it gets SO dingy and dirty so fast. Spring for something with replaceable mats or no textile at all.
  5. Cat beds - they are surprising expensive!
  6. Cat shelving kits - only if you know her renting situation and if she is capable of drilling holes into her wall. I have decorated my apartment (I own) with vertical cat shelving and it has been a huge QOL boost for the cats. Our apartment is not small, but it can get crowded with six roaming cats.

A friend got me a cat subscription box a few years ago - it was for 3 months IIRC. It was a fun gift with a lot of cute surprises. I’ll see if I can remember the brand name. I didn’t continue the subscription because I was trying to be good with money, but my cats loved the toys from it.