Gift ideas for pony rider

I have the most darling medium pony currently leased to the most darling little girl and I want to put together a package to send them for the pony’s upcoming birthday. Apart from semi-healthy pony treats, any suggestions as to what fun things I can include that a ten year old girl would like?

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A sparkly halter. And a sparkly brush!


A unicorn helmet cover? With a matching horn for the pony?

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Some smaller-hand-sized grooming tools, preferably in pretty colors, and maybe some washable glitter?

Depending on how much you want to spend, I love these brushes:

Coat and mane/tail glitter:

Can you tell I’m looking forward to grandkids someday?! :laughing:

Colorful, custom, or sparkly polos. This is my favorite Etsy shop for those - they have pony sizes and ship fast too!

Monogrammed saddle pad.
Ringside backpack filled with horse treats, grooming tools, hand towel (monogrammed).
Belt with the pony’s name on it.
Water bottle with the pony’s name.


I love @SCI’s list above.

Adorable hair bows in their color choice.

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Do they have any photos together? Have the parents give you one that you can put in a cute frame. If you are DIY at all you could add their names and such to the frame too.

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Nameplate belt would be cute and as she grows out of it can take the nameplate off and put it on another belt, in a shadowbox, etc.

These are great ideas, thanks everyone! She’s at a fancy hunter barn so I’m not sure about anything too sparkly, but small brushes, a monogrammed water bottle, and maybe a cute saddle pad would be perfect.

Check out The In Gate ( they have really cute socks and discreet spur straps with fun charms on them that would fit in at a fancy barn. They also stock Haas brushes in small sizes which I like because I have small hands.

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probably it’s too late and sorry for reviving, thank you for ideas, I literally didn’t sleep all night, thinking about what to give in such a case. It’s always a problem for me.

I wouldn’t do anything with the pony’s name on it. This is a lease, and when it’s over, anything with the pony’s name on it could be incredibly sad to have around.