Gimme Metamucil orange feeding tips!

My guy (Danny) is currently being treated for presumed horrible ulcers and recovery from horrible salmonellosis (see my other posts). Please be kind. I am doing all this under vet supervision and we are doing our best. Still in quarantine and full self care by me only.

We’re doing full tube GastroGuard first thing in the morning. Sucralfate and misoprostol an hour later for breakfast, and again at dinner. Those are added to his grain.
We also added Metamucil (orange flavored). (Apparently unflavored is on a national outage… plus I got a two for one deal so I have two big jugs!)
We’re about 3 days in.
Danny has become EXTREMELY syringe aversion.
Yes, I realize I can train him out of that but now is not that time.
He’s slowed up dramatically on eating his grain (with all the other meds) but eventually does.
I think the Metamucil has possibly pushed him over the edge so I may try leaving that out tonight.
For those of you who feed Metamucil how do you do it? I know I’ve seen the “creamsicles” into his feed but Danny does not appear to agree with this :rofl:

So - other ways?

It is too bad you bought all that Metamucil. Since it is just Psyllium, you can buy it so many places, even online. Sand Clear is also Psyllium. Keep the Metamucil for yourself.


Welp. The Sand Clear worked for a while. But now he hates it. Won’t touch any grain that has it in it. :woman_facepalming:

There are several unflavored Psyllium products out there. I am not sure the dosage for a horse. I buy my psyllium at Sprouts for personal use and add to my protein shake. It has no flavor. Adding a scope of Psyllium to soaked beet pulp should work if your horse likes beet pulp or any other feed that can be soaked.

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He eats his beet shreds inconsistently but I could try that! Thanks!

You might talk to your vet about feeding chia seeds in place of psyllium. Chia is sometimes used as feed for horses after colic surgery and does provide fiber and forms a gel in the stomach. It does have more calories and protein so best to check with the vet.