Ginger Lovers: Cat Rescue Tonight

I believe this is allowed. Registered, official, tax-deductible status rescue.

Eden Animal Haven made a rescue tonight at an abandoned and soon-to-be bulldozed homeless camp, catching many cats and kittens, with lots of ginger in the mix, no doubt closely related. They are asking for donations to vet and process these Camp Kitties.

I have personally toured this shelter and talked to both founders, several times to Leslie. It is an exceptional and responsible rescue. They have beautiful catios off each of their cat rooms.

Here’s the public link to tonight’s rescue story from the camp with pictures.


And they got the one that they couldn’t catch Sunday night. Great big orange and white mama, no doubt mother to many. She had a collar on which was so tight it had rubbed all the fur off.


Does Eden Animal Haven have an Amazon account whereby people can donate to EAH when we purchase something on Amazon? At least one of my local shelters does.

Yes, they are registered on Amazon Smile.

They trapped another today, bringing the total to 17. They think that’s it but will leave traps out for a while and keep checking. First round goes for speutering next week. There are several female gingers in the bunch as well as male. They think one two-year-old ginger tom is the father of many.


Feeding time. They say the camp rescue has been picked up for a TV spot soon. I’m curious about her color coding system.


Answer on her color coding: Adult males - white; Adult females - yellow; Kitten males - blue; kitten females - red.

TV story should be out this week.