Girth Elastic Replacement

ISO of someone that will replace the elastic ends on my high end girth that’s in otherwise excellent condition. I haven’t been able to find anyone near me that does this kind of repair. Local saddle fitter has come up blank also.

Practically any “leather worker” can do the job- it’s easy. Someone who does saddlery repairs, makes leather items (cell phone cases, wallets) etc. I have several near me who have done girth elastic replacement, but are likely not in your neighbourhood. Post your location, and perhaps someone here can recommend someone for you who is close enough to be useful for you.

I’ve used our local shoe repair shop. Educate them that the finish be absolutely smooth on the inside. Once we had a repair done in which about 1/8th of an inch of that stiff, waxed thread was sticking out on the inside of the girth, almost like a thorn. Bronc time.

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Bartville Harness will do it for you. They’re pretty reasonable. Google them.