Girth rubs

My very best boy got a nasty gall during a dressage lesson in super hot temps. He had a shaped leather dressage girth in a tiny size 18. I thought it was a bit wide for his size (14.1) but it seemed to keep the buckles away from his elbows. Otherwise he’d hit the buckles when he’d trot.

So now he has a gal, which I’ve opened back up switching to his jump saddle.

Any thoughts on girth options? I’ve had several people suggest a mohair girth but I’m having trouble finding them in a 18. Also open to any other 18 options

I am still planning on getting mohair. The place to go is Montana Cincha which makes them to order in dressage style, under the name of endurance girths. My friend has one. It’s lovely.

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I saw theirs, but they don’t come small enough! His current dressage girth is a 18 and it could honestly be a 16 but it was the shortest shaped girth I could find.

Ask if they can do custom. Or find a small artisan mohair cinch maker who will.

Yes, there are definitely people out there that make mohair girths custom. I’ve found a bunch over here, but I’d imagine they exist on that side of the pond too. Maybe search around or contact some companies and ask.

Could you try a sheepskin girth cover? I live in a hot climate and while the sheepskin seems counter intuitive, it seems to work really well for my horse to reduce rubbing.

Second Montana Cincha and they will do custom no problem. Riding warehouse does carry it in 18” as well.

Where? I can’t find any mohair girths on their website

This should be the 18”

My pony also is 14.1 and depending on the girth wears a 18" or 20". I’ve had the best luck with a 18" wintec even though I have a Passierthat I put a sheep skin on which covers the buckles and also a Stretchtec. There’s just certain times of the year if anything touches her she loses hair including her fly sheet and fly mask.


My mare has the same issue with anything other than soft fleece girths. My personal favorite is an Ovation girth that has dry-tex material on the bottom and fleece on the edges. I have tried every other girth under the sun, including the super expensive shaped ones, and this particular girth is the only one that doesn’t give her galls:

I have the same size and issue and have the best consistent luck with an 18" Wintec. I do have some luck with a 20" Stretch-Tec but if she’s shedding she’ll rub with it.