Give away with first right of refusal form?

Anyone have something already in your documents for a “give away” horse to a private owner with first right of refusal should the new owner want to sell or give up?

Make it a lease.



You can have some small sum of money to make it more of an agreement, $5/month or something. The can allow the lessee to pay intermittently, you don’t have to chase them for it.

The ‘right of first refusal’ is not enforceable. Never known one of those clauses to be honored. Horse just disappears.


Nope. You either retain ownership, or you sell/give away. In the latter case you can generously offer to take the horse back if it needs a home at any time in the future, but you cannot enforce that if you don’t own the horse anymore.


This is called a “free lease”.


Worthless. I would be concerned with a free lease also. Horse just disappears and your screwed.

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Less screwed than if you sell (or give away) with a first right of refusal clause. A free lease at least you still own the horse so if you find it you have grounds to get it back.


I also think you should either go for a free lease or sell the horse for enough that you know the person will not flip the horse.

just read about Fallon Danielle Blackwood when you wish a soft landing for the horse

Even with loss of use and the expense of care, personally we have kept the horse to the end.


Thanks. This was not for me, but between other friends. Both parties are awesome horse owners and worked it out between them. The horse is very loved by both. Also very aware of Fallon and those like her.