Giving 30 days notice

I know usually 30 days notice is given on the first of the month.
Has anyone ever given notice on the 15th then paid until the 15th of the next month and left?
Unfortunately paying for the full month then leaving at this time is not an option.
Things have changed and we would like to leave sooner than Dec 1st if possible.

Is this a thing to do? It’s still 30 days notice the way I see it.

It depends on what your contract says. Some contracts specify from the end of the month.

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Unfortunately I didn’t take a copy of the contract :woman_facepalming:.

If you don’t know what the contract says, then one option is to just give your notice and state your intention to pay through the 15th of next month. Keep it all business, in writing, no emotions. That’s your opening offer. See what happens.

Hopefully they will say “Okay, thanks for the notice, that will be fine. We’ve loved having you here, good luck in the future” or they may counter with, “I’m sorry, but the contract terms state a full calendar month’s notice so you will owe $ through [date]” and you can say, “So sorry, I misplaced my copy of the contract, may I get a copy from you and of course I will comply with the terms.”


Thank you, that was exactly the reassurance I needed.

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Most often, IME, 30-days-notice is prorated date-to-date - if you give notice on the 10th of April, you pay through the 10th of May. However, there are barns that do not pro-rate and require the month to be paid in full; you’d need to know what the contract says. I agree with wsmoak, give 30-days notice stating your intent to leave on X date. If that is not in accordance with the contract, I’m sure the BO will let you know.

And be sure to keep a copy of your boarding contract for your next place. :slight_smile:

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I spoke to the barn owner and they agreed that I could leave on the 1st with no penalty! Best case scenario :blush:
Thanks everyone for the reassurance


I am sure the majority of boarding barns know people don’t move on the first of the month every time and that money can be tight and are easily accommodating. Glad yours was one of them.

We usually tend to hear only the bad on here.