Global Equine Imports/KEELEY HOLZER is a front for Heather Hargett. She's stolen more than 10 million dollars from people. Stay away

Well, I don’t know if that post really tells me it’s theft of money or just a non educated buyer who got played by this woman. He did actually get two horses (likely overpriced) and paid board and training bills while he had them. She just couldn’t flip them as quickly as she promised. “Nothing happens to horses?” Oh god. :woman_facepalming:

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I snort-laughed so loud when I read that part that the sleeping cat woke up to give me a dirty look :joy:


Who in gods name goes on craigslist to look for investments. That would be my first red flag! :woman_facepalming:


Don’t we have a scam alert thread about Heather every year? Pretty sure I’ve read at least 5 previous ones now! How on earth are people still falling for her lies (and I’m in Canada and know all about her LOL)


Did she change her name to Keeley? That is who is behind Global equine Imports?

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People who think that nothing happens to horses.


“she was seeking short term investors who wanted to double their money within 30-60 days”

I have never heard of anyone involved in this story, but you don’t need to be horse savvy to realize this screams scam. Of course, it may be that this was never promised, but please…


Well considering this took place back in 2006-2007, it’s not surprising they used CL. The interwebz were in their infancy at the time.


Agreed, but she is now selling to top trainers as well. She has a business called Global Equine Imports and she sells to big trainers. They’ve recently discovered she’s been coning them. (Falsifying vet reports, taking money off the top of sales by having people wire money directly through her or falsifying bills of sales). This is no longer about being a smart/savvy horse person. We are dealing with a career criminal.

Yes her name is KEELEY HOLZER now.

Because she changes her name and reinvents herself, and she’s good at it. She doesn’t show her face but manages to get horses sold to top trainers. Once she does this, she has enough of an instagram following that people are comfortable working with her. If you watch some of the depositions you will also see that she is a very good talker. She is knowledgeable about horses and knows the lingo that discerning buyers are wanting to hear.

Yes, but she has now committed crimes against big time trainers as well. She’s stolen 10s of thousands of dollars in the last year alone.

Wait, what?

Is there documentation for any of this? What “top trainers” have bought horses from her?

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For the people asking who the big trainers are you can check her Instagram out to see who some those are (unless she deleted them).

There are proof of illegalities on horse sales done by Heather/Keeley - Global Equine Imports as late as 2020 & 2021, the proof has have been shown to several people in private. They are however yet to be publicized do to the cases being ongoing.

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Ingenium Farm seems to have bought a lot from her. I hope they know! :grimacing:

Yes most of those trainers know and have been spreading the word.

… and perhaps gullible customers? I read the whole article above and cringed when the investor fell for “nothing happens to horses” and “insurance will cover it all” among others… Geeez, if only! That said, this fraudulent woman should have long ago been investigated and locked up.


Bonnie Navin is even on the warpath against her:

The business’ Instagram is now set to private.

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Bonnie Navin is not going after her and that was years back. The new victims and their attys are handling the matter. Bonnie posts on her Facebook page every few years when heather reappears with a new name because many people have been victimized by heather and it’s just a heads up to her FB followers.