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Glue on shoes - pros and cons.

My horse is having a problem keeping right front shoe on and has ripped it off twice. At this point, I don’t think the hoof can hold a nailed on shoe. My farrier wants to use a glue on shoe and I have no experience with this. It would only be used until hoof is solid enough to hold a nailed on shoe.
Are there any cons using a glue on shoe, please share your experiences! Thanks.

As long as your farrier is experienced with glue-ons, the only “cons” in my experience is the co$t. I had a foundered horse in glue-ons (Polysteels) for a couple of years. The cost was double that of nail on shoes.

Agree with rcloisonne.

Along with expense is the possibility that the glue may not hold well, this is typically farrier/ application error though. If the glue is not mixed/ set properly the shoe could pull off quite easily.

If the glue on shoe does not work, I’d look into hoof boots.

The shoe could pull off anyway. You have to be careful about turn out conditions or even restrict them if it’s really wet and muddy.

They work well to allow the foot to grow out but can be a PITA.

I have had mine in glue-ons for about 3 months now…his hoof quality has improved dramatically. He pulled one off, once. After that, I turn him out in bell boots and they have stayed on perfectly. My farrier uses a quick set that gets the job done fairly quickly and within my horse’s zone of tolerance. He’s been out in all kinds of wet weather/dry weather and I have not had a problem with them staying on until they are replaced.