Godspeed Include and now Broken Vow

What a nice horse- 25 years young!

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Sounds like he had a good life and that his people took care of him at the end.

Oh, so sad! My late sweet mare was by Broad Brush also, and when my husband and I went to Kentucky we visited Airdrie Farms, hoping to see Include. It was May, breeding season, so they normally don’t show the stallions, but they were SO kind to bring him out for us, even though we were just tourists. My mare had such personality and it sounds like Include was a sweetheart also.

She died during the night in the pasture, and because all signs indicated that she died suddenly without struggle, I assumed it was a heart attack. It’s interesting that Include had a heart condition. Maybe means nothing, but she also died at the age of 25.

Thanks for posting this; I hadn’t heard.

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So Include is gone, but they brought Girvin home. Interesting!

Another one gone- also 25- run free big guy!

Interesting- Include bred 11 mares this year, and Broken Vow bred 12. So, assuming some of those mares caught, there will be a last crop next year for each.