Going rate for alfalfa

i’m in central Virginia, anyone know what an average price is for a good bale? I’m getting prices all over the map I have found prices ranging from $16 a bale to $48 a bale and not sure what is average.

You might get more responses in the “Around The Farm” thread.

How big are the bales?

I’m north of you in eastern panhandle of WV but pay 11.00 per 45-50 lb bales stacked and delivered gorgeous 3rd and 4th cut alfalfa.

What size bales? What kind of quality? I’m in eastern middle TN, and I paid $8/bale for ~$60 pound bales of very good quality alfalfa this year. But I bought my hay in August, not January; I expect you’ll pay a premium this time of year, if you can even find producers who still have hay in stock. My guy sold out over a month ago.

I’m no where near where alfalfa is grown (it’s shipped in a fair distance), and I just paid $19 each for very good quality 60#+ bales.

$28 per bale (3 strand, about 90 lbs+/-) hay is grown right next door to the feed store that sells it, we’re in the Southwest.

$12ish for 60 pound bales. In the midwest.

I’m paying $100 for lovely second cutting 900 lb. big squares (central Wisconsin).

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Our local hay guy said his alfalfa is lousy so he’s charging only $5.50 per 50# bale. My friend’s Trak mare hoovers it. He charges $7.00 for third cut grass that my mare hoovers. I’m about 40 miles west of Chicago.

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